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Transplantation is a therapeutic method of transfer of organs or tissues that replace disease or injury, organ or tissue.

In the Czech Republic performs heart transplants, lung, liver, kidney, pancreas, islet, small intestine and is preparing to transplant the uterus.

In the Czech Republic are 7 transplant centers.

  • Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine – Prague: heart transplantation, liver, kidneys, pancreas, islet and the small intestine
  • University Hospital Motol – Prague: lung, heart and kidney recipients only child.
  • Center of Cardiovascular and Transplant Surgery – Brno: heart transplantation, liver and kidneys.
  • Department of Urology, University Hospital Hradec Králové – kidney transplantation.
  • University Hospital in Pilsen – a kidney transplant.
  • University Hospital Olomouc – a kidney transplant..
  • University Hospital Ostrava – a kidney transplant.

Individual centers cooperate with donor hospitals in the region, responsible for the inclusion of patients in waiting lists and care for living organ donors and organ recipients.

Transplant centers of Czech Republic
Transplantační centra České republiky

Successful transplantation is usually brings a major improvement in quality of life. I transplanted patient, however, has some limitations in life, such as the need for permanent use of immunosuppressive drugs and follow-up at specialized medical centers. Despite these reservations, the majority of patients assessed quality of life as very good.

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