Who expectant

Candidate for an organ transplant, the patient is included in the National Register of persons waiting for a transplant waiting list. The lists are lists of individual organs or tissues and are uniform for the whole country. They include identification and medical data that must be updated. Managing and updating is in charge of KST.

The patient must meet inclusion criteria laid down, ie. suffer irreversible organ function failure that does not respond to treatment and this situation can not be resolved any other way. The inclusion of the patient on the waiting list by a doctor-specialist, in cooperation with the regional transplant center and always with the consent of the patient. The important thing is the right timing, selecting a time when the sick in good overall condition, which due to the deteriorating organ function declines. The actual selection of the most suitable recipients for organs taken is based on consensus blood type, weight and the size ratio between donor and recipient. In the case of the heart and liver is an essential criterion, the urgency of the transplantation and the corresponding sloped region. In addition to selecting the kidneys of those criteria takes into account the immunological match and waiting time. The processing of the selection is done in the computer KST.

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