Code of Ethics


The purpose of this code is to establish desirable standards of morality and behavior of employees as employees KST government departments. Ethical standards contained therein follow the legal standards and go beyond the generally applicable requirements arising from the law.



(1) Transplantation Coordination Center (KST) is a transparent and independent institution established by the Ministry of Health.

(2) mission KST is to provide and coordinate transplants in accordance with the findings of modern medicine, ethics and law.

(3) The objective of the team KST maximum contribution to improve the quality or to save the life of patients in transplant programs.



(1) Work in KST is a specific mission in providing health care and requires professionally and personally savvy employees who knowingly respect the intrinsic ethical values ​​and help build and strengthen the positive image of KST.

(2) Employee KST performs its work in accordance with the laws and other legal regulations of the Czech Republic and internal standards KST, which adheres to ethics, independence, accountability and equal access to all natural and legal persons with which it comes in their work directly or indirectly in intercourse.



(1) Employee KST his work carries a high level of expertise. When making decisions in connection with the coordination and allocation of organ transplantation works with the maximum degree of decency, willingness and without prejudice racial, ethnic, religious, political or other.

(2) During working hours, the employee KST dedicated exclusively to the performance of official duties and responsibilities of his or her full powers and abilities. The performance of their work creatively and aggressively approach. The level of their expertise and professional experience to aggressively deepens.

(3) Employee KST strives to ensure maximum efficiency and economical administration and utilization of financial and material resources entrusted to it.

(4) In the event that an employee discovered the loss of or damage to property KST shall notify his or her supervisor or the competent authority of law enforcement.

(5) Employee KST does not use information gained on the job to provide any benefits for themselves, their families, loved ones and relatives.

(6) An employee KST is not participating in any activity that is incompatible with the proper performance of their duties or the performance limits, and even extends working hours so as to not reduce the confidence in KST in the public eye.



(1) The joint efforts of creating KST employees working in a team atmosphere of cooperation and trust. Diversity of opinion do not reflect a personal bias. Any working collegial disputes solves factually, cultivated and openly.

(2) Managers KST apply to employees equal access with emphasis on evaluation according to work done. They are aware of the necessity of properly qualified and trained work potential and allow employees to further education in order to work effectively. Oversee the use of the expertise of all child workers and their full-fledged integration into the work team.



(1) The employee shall KST in its decisions and in connection with, accept or solicit gifts or other advantages for themselves or someone else, or in any way acknowledge affecting the performance of tasks entrusted to him, objective assessment of things and impartial decisions. Benefits provided to employees by the employer KST are not affected.

(2) Employee KST is so that the performance of tasks entrusted to him getting into a position where it was bound to, or felt obliged to reciprocate kindness or service that had been demonstrated.

(3) The employee shall avoid KST interdependent relationship and undue influence of others, which could compromise its impartiality.

(4) Any corruption or suspicion of such conduct which the employee KST learned a credible manner, is obliged to report to his superior authority or law enforcement. Furthermore, the employee is obliged to notify KST offering or an unfair advantage.

(5) In all cases where there could be a doubt as to whether an employee KST proceed in accordance with this Article shall inform the employee KST his supervisor and proceed according to its instructions.



(1) This Code of Conduct is binding for employees as part of a set of internal standards KST.

(2) KST is an appropriate way to inform professionals and the general public about the existence of these standards and the possibility of their performance from employees KST uncompromisingly demand.

(3) The Code is based on the current wording of the Code of Ethics of the Czech Medical Chamber and the Code of ethics for officials and public servants, which the Government approved on 9. 5., 2012.

(4) The Ethics is annexed Organization Rules KST.

Prague, 31 October 2014

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