Over the past two months Czech showed that it is on top of world medicine. First, doctors in Brno brought a child into the world in women with brain death and then the doctors from the Motol hospital managed by the same patient with a transplanted uterus.

The birth of the transplanted uterus is a unique in the world, a child was born out of the womb from a deceased donor, the donor had no children, so the uterus undergone previous pregnancies, says Head of the Department of Transplantation Surgery IKEM George Froněk. More on the topic can be found on: https://www.novinky.cz/domaci/clanek/zabery-z-transplantace-delohy-ktera-pomohla-zene-k-diteti-budme-skromni-rika-chirurg-40296785#utm_content=freshnews&utm_term=transplantace dělohy&utm_medium=hint&utm_source=search.seznam.cz